Mounting xenon in low beam and fog headlights in Ford Focus

Bought two KITs of xenon ProLumen Toyota with temperature of lamps 6000K (Korea).
H11 — for fog headlights, H7 — for low beam headlights
Electronic blocks on the edges are recommended to grease sealant before mounting.

For mounting xenon need take off headlights. Without removing headlights very difficult mounting xenon.

1. Removing the headlights.

First need to remove the grille.

To remove the lights, need to unscrew the three bolts, one of them at the bottom, i.e. need to raise the car or stop off in pit.

Removing as and mounting the fog headlights is very difficult remove/install protective plastic against dirt (on a photo it isn't present), which can easily break a mount. Because of this, it's better to remove the foggy headlights when already removed the top headlights for bend this fixation from the inner side.
For removing foggy headlights need unscrew only one screw.

2. Mounting electronic blocks.

From the right side installation of electronic blocks was difficult, because of the lack of available space.

The first electronic block it took hang laterally, reliably it or not, time will show, but I can say that it fixed tightly. The second very good mounting on the girder, on the place some sensor, which then was successful mounted on the electronic block.

From the left side no problem with available space.

For minimum bend of wires, 1st and 3rd electronic blocks connected to foggy headlights and 2nd and 4th — to low beam headlights.

3. Installing lamps.

Were difficulties with installing lamps into foggy headlights, because that the xenon bulb is slightly longer that native lamp. For fix that need push back/bend umbrella (by forceps/screwdriver).

In the low and high beam headlights the lamps installing without any problem, except that need drill a hole in the protective plastic (photo taken from here)

Since I installed xenon only for low beam headlights, therefore need only one hole. Should be like that:

I also replaced the marker lights on moonlight 12V LEDs. They do not light very bright, but for a marker lamps high brightness is not necessary.

Installing headlights in reverse order, paying special attention to the plastic protection against dirt on foggy headlights.

Turn on and admire :)



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