Change backlighting in Ford Focus by microcontroller

For changing backlight in Ford Focus I used microcontroller PIC16F84A.
Circuit schematic:

Pin assignment, buttons, LEDs:
RA0 (S1) — turn off «Strobe» effect, marker lights in foggy headlights.
RA1 (S2) — turn on / switching mode «Strobe» on LEDs VD3-VD6.
RA2 — "+" еurn on / turn off ignition (if ignition turned on — smoothly switch off backlighting the legs, fan grille, lower the brightness doorhandle).
RA3 — "+" turn on / turn off the alarm (activated the light flashing mode for all backlight).
RA4 — "-" when the door is open (turn on all backlighting, turn on at full brightness backlighting handles).

RB0 (VD1) — backlight of ventilating lattice
RB1 (VD2) — backlighting doorstep
RB2 (VD3) — marker light of the left foggy headlight
RB3 (VD4) — marker light of the left headlight
RB4 (VD5) — marker light of the right headlight
RB5 (VD6) — marker light of the right foggy headlight
RB6 (VD7) — backlight of legs
RB7 (VD8) — backlight of handles


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