Mounting the computer in Ford Focus (CarPC)

Unfortunately the process preparation and installation I didn't take pictures, so I spread the finished outcome.


  • Motherboard: ASRock E350M1 (AMD Dual-Core Zacate E350 APU, AMD A50M, PCI-Ex16)
  • HDD: WD 500Gb 5400rpm 8Mb SATA (WD5000BPVT)
  • ПRAM: Team Elite DDR3-1333 2048MB PC3-10600 (with radiator)
  • Monitor: made in china, but good quality, with HDMI input.
  • Sound: Challenger TA 5.1 + Hertz ECX 570.3

A little bit about performance. The first criterion was — the minimum energy consumption, the second — performance and the third — the minimal heat emission. The optimal variant was this motherboard with built-in dual-core AMD CPU. In tests at the maximum load this CPU consumes only 5W. The performance of CPU enough for easily play HD-video. During normal operation — it is playing music + video record from two cameras (one analog and one web) load CPU was no more than 50%. In hot summer weather, this PC surprisingly little heat emission: HDD up to 38-40 °C, CPU up to 45 °C.

Computer case was made by ​​familiar, blueprints unfortunately was left.

So as in the «Ford Focus I» location for installation native receiver is 1.8DIN (not 2DIN), then much to the chagrin the monitor was not possible to establish without radically remaking the panel, since the height of the screen was almost an on inch larger than the hole for native receiver. So I need had to go through a simple method for installing monitor like this:

While on the other side the native receiver using as an amplifier and radio receiver.

The system unit has been safely mounted under the front passenger seat, because I believe that this is the best place in my case.

A bit about of mounting. Was carved a rectangle with chipboard required size. On the one side, which is adjacent to the bottom was glued foam rubber to prevent rattling of the chipboard on the bottom, and thereby reduce vibration at system unit. All of it was placed under a covering. Thus was made reliable fastening, which in turn is also good dampens vibration.

About music. After much reading many forums about CarPC, came to the unequivocal conclusion that if I want a good quality sound, and in general, to get rid of such a thing as a «noises», therefore output sound need by optics. For this was bought an amplifier Challenger TA 5.1. The ideal place for install amplifier was in the trunk.

For the power unit was purchased 6m cable with a cross section 25mm2 (PVZ-25), and for the connect the speakers — 16m with a cross section of 2.5mm2 (PVS 2x2,5).

After a while I realized that need change native speakers. For «Ford Focus I» ideal was Hertz ECX 570.3.

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