Good parts.

[name] — [Vdss]/[Id]/[Vgs]/[Package]
IRLR2905 — 55V/36A/4.5..10V/TO-252-3
IRLZ44NPBF — 55V/41A/4.5..10V/TO-220-3
IRF4905PbF — 55V/74A/2..4V/TO-220AB

Diodes Schottky:
[name] — [Vrrm]/[Vf]/[If]/[N/pcs]/[Package]
MBR2545CTG — 45V/0.82V/25A/2CC/TO-220
STPS40L40CT — 40V/0.49V/40A/2CC/TO-220
MBR4045WT — 45V/0.56V/40A/2CC/TO247

Mounting the computer in Ford Focus (CarPC)

Unfortunately the process preparation and installation I didn't take pictures, so I spread the finished outcome.


  • Motherboard: ASRock E350M1 (AMD Dual-Core Zacate E350 APU, AMD A50M, PCI-Ex16)
  • HDD: WD 500Gb 5400rpm 8Mb SATA (WD5000BPVT)
  • ПRAM: Team Elite DDR3-1333 2048MB PC3-10600 (with radiator)
  • Monitor: made in china, but good quality, with HDMI input.
  • Sound: Challenger TA 5.1 + Hertz ECX 570.3

A little bit about performance. The first criterion was — the minimum energy consumption, the second — performance and the third — the minimal heat emission. The optimal variant was this motherboard with built-in dual-core AMD CPU. In tests at the maximum load this CPU consumes only 5W. The performance of CPU enough for easily play HD-video. During normal operation — it is playing music + video record from two cameras (one analog and one web) load CPU was no more than 50%. In hot summer weather, this PC surprisingly little heat emission: HDD up to 38-40 °C, CPU up to 45 °C.

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